Saturday, 14 June 2008

Why I Love Playing with Masks

It's all very well knowing the Truth of everyone as the ONE Love-Light, but how do connect as Love when all you can see is the appearance? Take London, for instance, which is a melting pot of so many different nationalities and cultures, how do you get to see someone as Love when you appear to have little in common?

By using the appearances/mask as a bridge. Masks enable me to relate to anyone on any level be it based on gender, nationality, race, sexuality, class, interests, etc. Once that connection is made, I get to experience the One Love-Light beyond the masks.

During my bus journey, I noticed this black guy. At first impression he looked angry. Then he started chatting on his mobile. I could understand what he was saying as he was speaking Krio, the most widely spoken language in Sierra Leone. He still sounded angry. I radiated light to him and everyone on the bus.

When we got off the bus and were waiting at the bus stop, I asked him what part of Sierra Leone he was from. He seemed surprised that I had asked him. I told him I could understand his conversation because I lived in Sierra Leone when I was a child. He said he used to lived in a place called Wilberforce. My secondary school was at Wilberforce. I told him where I used to live and he knew the road. We chatted for a few minutes until my bus arrived and I said goodbye. As my bus was moving away, I waved and he waved back.

The wonderful thing about our encounter was the transformation I witnessed. When I started talking to him and he smiled, it was like the sun coming out after a storm. Pure radiance!

I love masks, don't you?


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