Friday, 13 June 2008

What Will Be Will Be

While we were waiting for the bus to move, a man asked me if the bus was stopping at Oxford Circus. I said it was. He sat in front of me. Just as the bus was about to move a woman banged on the door and the driver let her in. She asked if the bus was going to Oxford Circus and he said yes.

I thought to myself, I bet she's going to sit next to the man going to Oxford Circus. That's exactly what happened.

It's natural for people who are travelling to the same destination to share a bus route headed in that direction. It's also natural for two passengers getting off at the same stop to sit next to each other, though they weren't aware of this at the time. It's a shame they didn't speak to each other, they would have discovered the "magic" of synchronicity.

I've observed friends who seem very close walking at the same pace. Sometimes they even dress in similar colours. Some even have similar facial expressions.

Time and space makes no difference between people who have a very strong bond. Some twins, for example, can sense what each other are doing. Even twins who were separated at birth wind up together.

It's no use trying to force things to happen. I believe in simply being the Love that I am and trusting in Love to sort out the details.

What will be will be.


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