Friday, 27 June 2008

The Saviour

I watched the film, Sabrina for the first time last night and it was wonderful.

Sabrina's father works as a chauffeur for the wealthy Larrabee family. As a teenager Sabrina always had a crush on the younger Larrabee brother, David; but was scared of his older brother, Linus. David never noticed Sabrina as she was an "ugly duckling" at the time. Then Sabrina is sent to live in Paris.

When they grow up, Linus does what is expected of him without question by working in the family business. He's very much focused on work and has no time for leisure activities unlike David, who is very much the carefree bachelor.

After Sabrina has spent some time in France she returns to America transformed into an elegant swan. She is still very fond of David and is hoping to have a relationship with him. However, David is engaged to someone else whom he has to marry as it will help with a business merger. When Linus suspects David has a romantic interest in Sabrina, which could jeopardise the business deal, he decides to do something about it. He's determined to manipulate Sabrina any way he could to get her out of David's life for good.

In the meantime David is injured anyway and can't pursue the relationship.

Linus pretends he wants to sell his property and asks Sabrina, who is s photographer, to accompany him and take photographs. While they're spending time together, Linus tells Sabrina what he believes she wants to hear i.e. how he has donated a building to a charity; and how he yearns to be more carefree and enjoy life.

Despite having feelings for David, Sabrina finds herself opening up to Linus and sharing her experiences of Paris and her passion. When Linus suspects Sabrina is falling for his charms, he goes for the final kill. He plans to take Sabrina to Paris under the false pretext that he is interested in living with her. He intends to dump her and leave her in Paris then return to business as normal and pursue the deal.

When Linus tells Sabrina he intends to take her to Paris so they can be together, Sabrina is overwhelmed with joy as she believes he truly loves her. She realises that even though she'd always had a crush on David, she is now in love with Linus. Then Linus starts feeling guilty, which is very unlike him. He confesses to Sabrina that he's been manipulating her. He tells her he wanted her out of the way so David could marry his fiancée and the business merger can go ahead. Sabrina is devastated and decides to return to Paris.

When David realises that his brother Linus has fallen in love with Sabrina he decides to do something about getting them together. He takes over the business deal Linus was working on and sends Linus to Paris to be with Sabrina. In the final scene, we see Linus telling Sabrina how much he needs her to save him from himself.

I believe Sabrina represents the Soul of everyone. It is the Soul that enables everyone to express what they love doing and to be true to themselves. Those who are not awake to the Soul live according to programmes set by family and society like Linus did before he met Sabrina. Someone who is living as the Soul can inspire others to be true to themselves just like Sabrina did with Linus.

The Soul is truly the saviour that saves one from the conditioned self.

I am Soul.


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