Thursday, 26 June 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Each of us is, in essence, bundles of infinite Joy like babies who are so full of joy. Gradually our social conditioning chips away at who we are until we are a shadow of our joyful selves. You then set off on some "path" or follow whatever practice or discipline you're into to wake up to who you are as Love, Light, Joy, Peace, etc. I believe when you find a practice that you resonate with it's important to keep going and never give up because they do work, even though they might not seem like they do at the time.

I find spiritual practice is rather like my favourite drink - Vimto, which is a purple fruit concentrate you can dissolve in water or whatever takes your fancy.

I have two ways of drinking Vimto. I either pour some of it in a glass and add water or milk to my taste; or I add Vimto to a bottle of water that I keep in the fridge, which I then have with my dinner.

Let's say I'm having Vimto with water. It only takes a few drops of Vimto to change the water to pale pink. Obviously, the more Vimto I add to the water the sweeter the water becomes. If I keep adding Vimto there is going to reach a point where the sweetness of the Vimto overpowers the water and it tastes syrupy.

Spiritual practice is rather like adding Vimto to water. A drop of Vimto changes the colour of the water but if I don't keep practising, the water is not going to taste any different. In order for the Vimto to overpower the water, I need to keep adding more Vimto. Similarly, in order for the True Self to come into its own, I needed to practise, practise, and more practise whatever discipline I was into.

For instance, when I decided my path was trusting in Love, I had to stick to that path and believe in it to work. This means focusing only on Love. It's no use me affirming "Love is all there is," and too scared to walk around our neighbourhood at night. I have to trust in Love's omnipresence. The more I focused on Love the more experiences I had of Love taking care of me, and the more I trusted in Love.

There did come a point when Love did take over and everything I did was in the realm of Love/Spirit. In other words, the water had got so syrupy that it tasted only of Vimto.

Practice makes perfect.
Vimto - Love - is all there is.


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