Thursday, 26 June 2008

Onward and Upward!

On my way to town it took ages for my bus to arrive. I thought to myself, there is a very good reason why this "delay" is happening. It's all good.

During the journey a couple came on board. The woman sat beside me and her partner sat on the seat across. The man said to his wife that the announcement, which tells passengers the destination and the next stop, was new.

"Haven't you heard it before?" I asked him.

"No, it's the first time I'm hearing it," he said. "We're not from London, we're from Australia."

My friends said they arrived a few days ago. They came from Brisbane via America through Italy and now they were on their way to visit an elderly relative who lives in Soho. After that they were visiting relatives in Manchester and Cardiff. They were hoping for nice weather during their stay. On their way home they are going to stop at South Africa for a safari trip.

I told them I'd been to Australia and what parts I'd been to. The woman and I discussed life in Australia. I asked her about her family and she said they had two grown-up daughters in their twenties.

Both of them had been to the UK before; the husband was here two years ago and his wife nine years ago. They said a lot of things have changed. The man kept looking at landmarks to see if he could remember when to get off. As we approached Trafalgar Square he said he could remember where he was.

"That's the thing about Trafalgar Square, it never changes," I said.

"It has you know," the woman said. "Part of it is now pedestrianised which wasn't the case when I was last here."

"Yes, the traffic used to go round it," her husband said, "now it's different."

"You're right, of course," I said. "It's amazing how I've got used to the new way so quickly that I can't remember how it used to be like until you reminded me."

After chatting to my friends for a while it was time for me to get off. I wished them a lovely trip.

I believe my friends on the bus were there to remind me of how wonderful life is unfolding. So much has changed in London and yet they don't appear to have changed at all because the changes feel so natural. For instance the pedestrianisation of parts of Trafalgar Square seems so obvious that it doesn't make sense why they had traffic going round it the way it used to. Now it feels so much more relaxing.

The bus announcement system only came in around last year but it seems like it's been there forever.

Every day I receive new insights that I apply in my life experiences, which make life so much easier and more joyful. Every day I am getting better and better.

Onward and upward!


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