Monday, 23 June 2008

My Favourite Channel

When I changed the channel I discovered the one I wanted was no longer on that station. WTF! Why did they have to move the channel? Surely they could have kept it at its old station and allocate a new number to the new channel? It took me ages to locate the channel I was looking for.

The reason why that bugged me was because I don't like change. Why should I put up with flux and changes when in essence I am always the same?

As I see it, every thing is symbolic of a satellite channel resonating at a particular frequency. My real self, which is my favourite channel, resonates at its own frequency which I hear as an inner sound that I listen to and it is very soothing. I can also feel my real self as Joy. I could watch that channel for eternity. I know when I'm out of sorts when I'm not getting that feeling.

Every day I am bombarded with thought-forms and feelings which try to distract me from my favourite channel. To prevent this from happening, I have a ritual I practise which keeps me stuck on my favourite channel. Every morning when I wake up, I see myself as the Sun/Light and then radiate my Light to all time, all space, all realities. I see all time and all space filled with my Light.

On the bus yesterday I sat at the back. For some reason the engine was screeching. Instead of expecting the noise to stop, I decided to experience it through my favourite channel. I radiated my Light to all corners of the bus. The screeching was transmuted to a screech that was totally harmonious with who I am being. Bliss!

So I'm a stickler for tradition. I don't like change. I would rather watch my favourite Love channel day in and day out for eternity.


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