Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Me and My Fancy Education!

As I was taking a walk in a lovely park, I noticed a sign asking people to keep off the grass. There was a flock of pigeons on the grass.

How come those pigeons can frolic on the grass and I can't? What makes them so special?

The only answer I could come up with was illiteracy. Those birds can't read, but humans can. If they could read they would probably keep off the grass too.

Not all animals and birds are illiterate, however. Those who have been reared by humans seem to take on human attributes and become stupid. For instance, I've seen pigeons waiting at traffic lights to cross the road. Hello, what's the point of having wings then?

I read a news article about a man who had raised a heron. The bird didn't know how to fly so the man had to teach him. That's just dumb! I reckon the bird has been studying aeronautics that's why he couldn't fly.

A while back we had some squeaky visitors in the flat. One of them liked to rummage through newspapers and magazines. In thought I asked them to leave or else we would be getting pest control in. Did the mice listen? No. Maybe they were too busy reading to heed my warning. When pest control came in they had to leave the hard way. That's what you get for educating yourself.

Have you noticed how free babies are? That's because they can't read either. Yesterday I noticed this baby who was about six months. When he saw me he started giggling. If I were to emulate the baby people would move away from me. But it's OK for the baby to laugh himself silly because he doesn't know any better; at least, he hasn't been educated out of being in joy for no reason at all.

The only people that get lots of freedom are people who are identified as loopy. As long as they don't harm anyone, they're expected to act illogically because they're nuts.

All this time I thought I was so clever being able to read and write but it is that same fancy education that keeps me bound by man-made laws.

I am now letting go and letting my inner illiteracy express itself just like my pigeon friends at the park.


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