Saturday, 21 June 2008

Make-up Tips

A while back when my foundation/cover cream ran out, I was inspired to stop wearing them and simply let my inner beauty shine.

Because old habits die hard I've been still using foundation but a different kind of foundation - Light.

As I see it, since all is Light then my body is concretised Light. So all I have to do is move the Light around by massaging my face with the tip of the same finger I used to put on my foundation with. Guess what? My skin looks as if I have foundation on.

I still wear eyeliner and lipstick as I haven't figured out yet how to paint my lips and eyes with Light.

Just as I was about to share my make-up tips with my mother this morning she said: "I thought you said you no longer wear foundation?"

"I don't."

"But your skin looks like it does."

"Touch my skin and look at your fingers. See, there's nothing there."

"That's amazing! But your skin looks radiant."

"I'm just letting my Light shine, mum."

Maybe I should go on one of these tele-shopping channels so I can promote my foundation.

Are you embarrassed to be seen without makeup?
Do you feel you need to cover up blemishes?

Now there is a new kind of cover cream that is so light it feels like you've got nothing on. It's called Enocia's No Fuss and No Muss Light Foundation.™ It is very easy to use. Just call upon Light, massage your skin, and go.

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