Monday, 30 June 2008

Living by the P.E.E. Principle

A while back I had a vision where I saw all of life in all realities like a film that has already happened. In other words, I've already lived all possibilities and all realities. Now the wonderful thing about already experiencing everything is I can treat life rather like watching a DVD. I can make the film go slow or fast; rewind it so I can repeat experiences; or fast forward parts I don't want to experience again.

Does this mean life unfolds in a linear way?

Yes and no.

Let's take a book, as an example, which has a beginning, middle and end. I tend to read books in both a non-linear and linear fashion. I will open the book at random and find something that reflects where I'm at or what I need to read at that moment. Sometimes I scan the page and pick out key words; sometimes I read the last paragraph first and then read my way back. Other times I zoom into a particular paragraph and read every single word. So as you can see, while I don't always read books in a linear fashion, I tend to read the words in a linear way i.e. from left to right since that's how the English language unfolds. Obviously, if what I was reading was in Arabic, then the linear way of reading would be from right to left. Since I don't read Arabic it's not really an issue.

Now when I apply my way of reading books to the life that has already happened, I can zoom into a particular area I want to experience then slow it down and experience it in a linear fashion by moving from back to front. Just like I find it a lot easier and effortless to walk facing forward than backward.

When I woke up this morning I reminded myself that I have already experienced every nook and cranny of this day. Knowing that I've already been there and done that, I expect the day to unfold with PEE i.e. in the most Perfect, Effortless and Easiest way.

I walked to the bus stop to catch my bus. There was already one waiting. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry I would ask the driver how long he's waiting for and can gauge whether to walk to the main road to catch other buses from there. However, I didn't have any desire to walk to the main road this morning. I sat at the stop and waited till the driver was ready to move.

When I got off that bus, I crossed over to catch my next bus. There are several buses I can catch: one that goes a direct route and others that I have to change. The first two buses that arrived were not going the direct route. I caught the one at the back. I went to sit upstairs and chose a seat in the middle. I noticed someone had tucked part of today's "Guardian" in the corner of the seat, which I retrieved. It was the section devoted to the "Big Bang Machine" - the Large Hadron Collider.

A few days ago a friend posted a link at a forum about the very same topic. I couldn't get into it because I found it quite heavy going. I wished it was written in a lay person's language. Well the Guardian articles are a lot easy to follow.

While I was browsing through the articles, this young woman sat behind me and was chatting rather loudly on her mobile phone. I wasn't in the mood for this and wished for some peace and quiet. At the next stop the bus got stuck. I heard the driver revving up the engine and it still wouldn't move. I grabbed the article and went downstairs to see what was happening. The driver said he was having problems with the bus. Another passenger pointed out another bus behind and asked the driver to open the doors. We all got off and piled on the next bus. I went to sit upstairs. The woman who had been sitting behind me found herself another seat right at the back and far away from me.

I believe since I've already experienced this day, I was able to slow the time so I could catch this particular bus where someone had left the article for my attention. When I didn't want to experience the woman's conversation behind me, I fast forwarded the film to a reality where she wasn't sitting behind me.

All life has already happened. I am now experiencing life with P.E.E.


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