Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kindred Spirit

At the bookshop I was sitting near the teenage fiction section. I watched a boy and a girl, presumably siblings, rummaging through the shelves to find books they liked. I wondered if any of them were into Adventures of Tintin books.

When I was a child I loved Tintin books. Tintin is a young reporter who gets involved in many adventures. Tintin is always accompanied by his devoted dog, Snowy.

Last year I decided to re-read all the books in the series. I spent hours in bookstores reliving those stories and having a giggle.

Back in the bookshop, the kids' parents told them it was time to leave. As soon as they left, a teenage boy came to sit where the kids' parents had been sitting. I noticed he had a Tintin book - "The Black Island."

It was so wonderful meeting a kindred spirit. I told him I how much I love Tintin. He said he was a huge fan. He said he loves coming to this bookshop to sit on their comfy sofa and read. We spent a few minutes chatting about our favourite Tintin books. Then I wished him well.

Love to all Tintin fans.


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