Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Just in Case

I've been thinking about how the world is quite tolerant about whatever religion one follows or higher powers you believe in, as long as you don't forget to have a back-up plan, just in case.

When I had a doctor, every year I would receive a reminder from him or her to remind me to have another smear test, just in case. When I used to have an optician, I was sent an annual reminder by the opticians, just in case. When I had a dentist, I was sent a six monthly reminder, just in case.

We are encouraged to take vitamins and mineral supplements, just in case.
Most people take out insurance, just in case.
Some people have security in their houses, just in case.
We are encouraged to save up for a rainy day and have a retirement plan, just in case.

And on and on.

I've observed the Universe tends to give us what we expect to receive. If I believe in a "just in case" back-up plan, sooner or later I'm bound to have the experience which justifies my having that plan.

My experience of the path of Love/Spirit is there is no back-up plan. It's a matter of trusting in Love 100%. I can't trust in my nature as Love/Spirit and still go for annual smear tests. I have to choose what I believe in and stick to it.

I know some are going to argue that if it's all Love then Love is the medicine that you take. God is appearing as the doctors.

I believe medicine is necessary for people who are not yet ready to experience their nature as Love; as are the many "just in case" products out there. I still eat because I'm not yet ready nor am I willing to give up food just yet. However, I don't judge food as good/bad because I know all is Spirit.

Even though I know that Love is all there is, I still meditate constantly on the Truth of Love, at least my beliefs about Love, and I pray without ceasing, just in case.


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