Thursday, 26 June 2008

Jammy Bugger!

While I was with a friend recently, he bought himself a Jammie Dodger, which is a biscuit filled with jam. Look what I've just noticed in today's "Guardian" - an article called The internet Jammiest Dodge about Jammie Dodgers.

I don't usually read the Guardian, at least I haven't read it since I was at university, which is a long time ago. The only reason why I looked up the website was because I found part of today's Guardian on the bus. So I looked up the website to get reference for the article I'd read. How did I come to find the article on the bus? Because I missed my bus so I decided to travel on another bus route where I found the newspaper.

I've sent my friend the link to the Guardian article. I'm sure he'll appreciate it given how much he loves Jammie Dodgers.

It's amazing what lengths the Cosmic Forces would go to get my attention. Either that or I am a jammy bugger!


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