Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

Last night I watched a programme on TV called Mary Queen of Shops, where Mary helps transform struggling boutiques and retailers into a success.

"Mary is one of the UK's foremost authorities on retail and brand communication and is credited with turning Harvey Nichols into the modern fashion powerhouse that it is."

In last night's episode, Mary went to assist a men's clothes shop that was stuck in last century. If this business is to survive, the shop staff have to leave behind their fuddy-duddy image and be re-educated into the modern way of retailing. Mary inspire the shop staff to believe in themselves; with their new image, the business attracted younger customers leading to a successful business.

There are lots of these kinds of programmes on television where professionals share their expertise with businesses who are struggling. For instance, in Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares British chef, Gordon Ramsay, helps struggling restaurants turn their businesses around.

What I find interesting about these programmes is people demonstrate transformation needn't take years but can happen instantly, if you're motivated to do so. When people's livelihood are on the line they are open to make changes as quickly as possible.

When I used to be a temp, I found it interesting how permanent staff were given all the time they needed to familiarise themselves in their new environment while temps were expected to pick up the job in no time at all otherwise they'll get someone else in. In a way this was good practise for me because I learned how to absorb information quickly and to fly by the seat of my pants. On a few occasions, I even heard the Inner Voice giving me advice when I was stuck.

I hear people on the "spiritual path" who believe it takes time to awaken to their true self. All I can say is you're not desperate and you believe you have time to evolve and develop. When you are as desperate as those businesses facing bankruptcy you will wake up and stay awake.

Everything takes time unless it doesn't.


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