Thursday, 19 June 2008

Firework Display

When I have a thoughts or intention, the thought is a beam of light that travels at infinite speed and explodes into infinite multicoloured fragments, rather like a firework display, reaching all in the Universe. My intention then attracts like-thought forms that enables the intention to be fulfilled. Those fragments will not stop until their mission has been accomplished or I change my mind about the intention.

Yesterday evening instead of catching the bus home, I decided to walk home, which takes approximately 2 hours. At one point, I went down a particular side street which I thought was a shortcut. I found myself in an area I recognised the last time I was lost in that area. My attention was drawn to a road which sounded familiar but I decided not to go down that road and headed right until I got to a junction. I had a feeling I was going the wrong way. I asked this man and he advised me to head back in the direction I'd come from. I ended up walking up the road I had noticed earlier which took me to the main road. I recognised the main road but I was slightly disoriented; I couldn't work out whether I should go left or right. My legs were taking me to the left but my head needed confirmation. Just at that moment a taxi cab pulled up.

In London there are lots of taxi cabs which run on a meter. They used to be black, but now they come in different colours as a lot of them are being sponsored by different companies. All taxi drivers have to pass The Knowledge, which means they have to know London inside out.

Even though I could easily have asked a passer-by for directions, I was quite chuffed that an expert had appeared. I asked the taxi driver which way I should head and he agreed with my legs that I should turn left. I walked the rest of the way without incident.

A while back I noticed some information about various festivals taking place around where I live. I was quite interested in it but I didn't fancy carrying the brochure with me, as it was quite bulky. When I checked out the website, there was a long list of activities. I couldn't be bothered to go through all of them. A few weeks later I got chatting to a friend who lives in our neighbourhood and he told me about a health awareness and well-being festival he's going to be involved in, which is part of the festival in our local area. He didn't have a flyer at the time. I saw him twice after that and each time he didn't have a flyer. Today I met him at the bus stop and the first thing he did was he pulled out a flyer. It turns out the well-being festival is on today and tomorrow. I might check it out later.

It just shows that every thought or intention I have has the full backing of the entire Universe. All I have to do is trust in my firework display.


Source of Firework display photo.

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