Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Cry for Help

Two days ago I met a friend at the bus stop. The first time we met, several years ago, was on a bus journey. Since then I see her occasionally at bus stops. We always have a chat about life in general.

I asked my friend how she'd been keeping. She said she was concerned for her elderly mother, who wasn't feeling too great. She was on her way to see her. I knew our paths had crossed so I could send healing light to her and her mother. Then her bus arrived and she said goodbye.

During my bus ride yesterday evening, I noticed a woman with a cap with the word "Roxy." The next window seat that became available, which I moved to, was right behind the woman wearing the "Roxy" cap. The name kept drawing my attention.

Why is this name being flagged for my attention? The only Roxy I know is my neighbour’s dog who is such a sweetheart.

Later in the evening my mother told me she was speaking to our neighbour earlier, and she told her that her dog, Roxy, was in a really bad shape. Roxy has been prescribed tablets but she is not eating or drinking. Our neighbour said if Roxy continues this way she's going to consider putting her to sleep. She told mum how much she adored her dog.

Aha, so that's why I noticed that name! Roxy had been crying out for help. I told mum about my experience on the bus and that I would send healing light to Roxy to use as she sees fit.

Every day there are many opportunities sent my way to send out love and light and I do just that. I trust in Love to work out the details.


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