Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Break Down in Communication

At the next stop the bus driver prepared to change shifts but his colleague wasn't there. After waiting for a few minutes, he switched off the engine, took his stuff and left. I could see another man approaching. The previous driver didn't even acknowledge his colleague. I wondered if he was pissed off at his colleague for arriving late.

When the new driver came on board and he started the engine the bus wouldn't move. He announced to us that the bus was going nowhere. We groaned in unison. Someone pointed out there was another bus behind but it was now too late to catch it.

"Come on, driver," I said, "we've been waiting long enough and now you're telling us the bus won't start?"

"He shouldn't have turned off the engine," he was referring to his colleague. "He was just being wicked; that's why the engine won't start."

"What difference does it make if the engine is switched off?" I said. "Just start the bus, man!"

In thought I blessed the bus and both drivers with love.

The driver said he was going to fiddle with the engine at the back. When he tried the ignition, it still wouldn't go. Some of us got off the bus and waited at the stop. A few seconds later, another bus arrived and we got on board.

While I was walking home, the Inner Voice said I had just witnessed a perfect demonstration of how people's thoughts and emotions affect things around them. The drivers' break down in communication had manifested as a broken down bus; and our frustration had kept us stuck in that reality.

The good news is any experience can be transmuted instantly by raising its frequency. After I had blessed the bus with love, although the bus still wouldn't start, a bus that matched that frequency showed up and got me to my destination. That's why it's important to keep blessing as I go.

Love and light to all.


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